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Four Leaf Rover Bifido For Fido - Gut Health For Dogs

Four Leaf Rover Bifido For Fido - Gut Health For Dogs -
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Bifido For Fido

Bifido For Fido is a veterinary formulated blend of 13 proven probiotic strains. These gut-healthy probiotics help produce vitamins, digestive enzymes and short chain fatty acids and are well researched in both dogs and humans.


BFF probiotics are carefully selected for their abilities to:

  • Help battle Candida
  • Help promote immune function
  • Help support good digestion
  • Help soothe diarrhea
  • Help produce vitamin K and B vitamins for better health



Give orally daily once or twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost & Supply
1-30 lbs
1/8 tsp daily
$0.25/day (120 day supply)
31-60 lbs
1/4 tsp daily
$0.50/day (60 day supply)
61-100 lbs
1/2 tsp daily
$1.00/day (30 day supply)
100 + lbs
3/4 tsp daily
$1.36/day (22 day supply)

Net Contents: 1.8oz (50.1g)

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