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Topical Pain Management

Throughout our lives, we would have experienced some joint or muscle pain. In order to treat muscle soreness and pain, often the class of oral medication NSAID is a common drug of choice. However, these medications can potentially cause side effects.

A few recent studies have shown that topical diclofenac is effective clinically in treating acute arthritis pain and reduce inflammation. Absorption of the drug is minimal and therefore side effects are significantly reduced.

After workout, muscle soreness is usually very common. Besides using topical pain reliever, magnesium applied topically is an excellent way to relieve the muscle soreness.

Magnesium, a vital mineral, can help to relax the tightness of the body, relax tightened muscles, and improves blood circulation.

Topical anti-inflammatory and topical magnesium are good and safe drugs of choice to use for relieving pain at joint and muscles.

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