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The Fight Against Hyperhidrosis

antiperspirant Drysol excessive sweating Hyperhidrosis

Most people are familiar with the science behind fight or flight, but what happens when excessive sweating, formally known as hyperhidrosis, begins to take over your day to day life? Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body sweats beyond what is needed to maintain thermal regulation, often times leading to emotional and social stress. In fact, scientific data shows that hyperhidrosis is currently affecting about 3% of the North American population.

For most, the causes are considered to be generalized or localized resulting from several different preexisting conditions or factors such as: heat and exercise, febrile diseases, metabolic and neurologic conditions, as well as certain drugs. Luckily, modern day science has provided a treatment option known as Drysol that is fighting back against this chronic condition.

Drysol is a topical treatment that uses Aluminum Chloride hexahydrate 12% as it’s active ingredient, which works as an obstructer by blocking and breaking down the secretory cells. Because of this obstruction, patients not only sweat less, but the unpleasant odor associated with sweating is also eliminated. Not only is Drysol effective, but it is also easy to use, requiring only a thin layer to the affected area for a couple of days initially and then weekly or as directed by your doctor. Also depending on the severity of the condition, Drysol is available in varying strengths, ranging from 6.25% to 20%. You can find all of the Drysol products mentioned here on our website and hyperhidrosis can become a thing of the past.


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