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Sleep – an important part of our lives

important part Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our lives. Almost 1/3 of our time is sleeping. Getting a better sleep is a key to better health. Both quality and quantity are important. Get started with a good sleeping hygiene.

Here are some tips to share with you:

Keep the same sleep schedule

Keep an eye on what you eat and drink:

  • Caffeinated drinks, cigarette smoking (nicotine) have stimulating effects to keep you awake

Create a room ideal for sleeping (dark and quiet). Good beddings contribute to better sleep too.

Manage stress and relax

Regular exercise promotes better sleep

Minimize long daytime naps

Good nutrition is also important

Lack of magnesium can affect the quality of sleep. Low melatonin level (sleep hormone) related to aging can be one of the contributing factors. Inadequate level of b12 also affect sleep too as it is essential in melatonin production. Proper nutritional supplementation with magnesium, melatonin, b12 can aid in sleep. If stress causing sleeping problem, supplement containing chamomile extract and wild jujube extract also can help.


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