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Protect Yourself from The Deadly UV Rays!

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Do you really know what SPF means?

SPF standards for “sun protection factor.” The number, theoretically, represents the amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting burned. For example, SPF 20 would mean you can stay in the sun 20 times longer as opposed to not having it applied. However, that doesn’t mean the higher the better.

The information in the health, wellness, skin care/beauty industry can be misleading or confusing. Sunscreen is a vital part for all individuals and their everyday life. Our professional medical team has chosen two sunscreens for your everyday use that is best suited for your safety. Both brands we carry are physical sunscreens. Check them out below:

EltaMD Broad-Spectrum UV SPF 41

Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Brush Sun Protection

How do you enjoy the sun safely

  • Do not spend more than half to one hour in the sun
  • Avoid the sun during 10am to 3pm
  • Wear sunblock
  • Wear a hat, breathable clothing that covers up shoulders and chest
  • Wear sunglasses too

Besides wearing sunscreen in summer, eat more foods that can protect you from the sun!

  • Tomato
  • Carrot
  • Sweet potato
  • Dark veggies
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry, kiwi, orange
  • Apple
  • Almond and sunflower seeds
  • Green tea
  • Red snapper
  • Dark chocolate

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