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Benefits of Mushrooms

benefits Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain many nutrients and provide many health benefits. There are many different species of mushrooms. We will focus on a few and take a look at their benefits.

Shitake mushroom

  • May help to strengthen immune system
  • A 2015 study show people had less inflammation than before the study began according to the immune markers results
  • Helps to enhance gut health
  • Contains 3 compounds that may help to lower cholesterol

Reishi mushroom

  • Boosts immune system to help fighting infection
  • Rejuvenates metabolism

Cordyceps mushroom

  • Increases immune support and cellular defense
  • A fungus highly valued in China as tonic food
  • Studies suggest cordyceps may have the potential to treat cancer and side effects of cancer treatments
  • Contains a special type of sugar that may help keep blood sugar levels within healthy range

Maitake mushroom

  • Study indicates maitake can suppress tumor growth in mice. This suggests it could be effective in managing cancer in humans
  • It also shows to reduce cholesterol in mice in a study
  • Promotes healthy immune function and cellular defense

Lion’s mane mushroom

  • Enhances cognitive function, mood and cardiovascular health benefits
  • Studies have found that lions mane mushrooms contain two special compounds that can stimulate the growth of brain cells
  • Studies also suggest that it may help relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Animals studies also suggest that lion’s mane extract can reduce the risk of heart disease

Agaricus mushroom

  • A beta-glucan rich immune enhancer known to help promote cardiovascular health, metabolic wellness, liver and skin health

Mushrooms contain unique antioxidants and polysaccharides. For people who are looking for enhancing immune function, as a supplement to help with cancer therapy, enhancing heart health, brain health and better improvement in keeping healthy blood sugar levels. The above mushrooms will provide benefit.

Our clinical team suggests the following 2 mushroom supplements:

Dr Mercola Fermented Food Mushroom Complex contains 7 species of highly-valued mushroom (Cordyceps, Reishi, Agaricus, Shitake, Maitake, Antrodia & Turkey Tail) that provide an array of enzymes, nutrients, antioxidants and immune-supporting compounds. The blend is 100% certified organic and is made from whole food not from an extract. It does not contain any fillers or additives. 3 capsules a day and you can obtain the benefits from all 7 mushrooms.

Nutrifii MOA is a liquid nutrient containing 36 superfoods including a unique blend of 6 revolutionary, rejuvenating mushroom complex (Agaricus, Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi & Shitake). It does not contain any chemical preservatives, artificial flavors. It is free of pesticides and contaminants. It comes in pre-packaged go pouches making it convenient and portable to use.

It’s hard to obtain the amount of nutrients, antioxidants and the special compounds in each mushroom just by eating each of them. With the above two products, there is no need to obtain all the different mushrooms which some of them are hard to get and is expensive. There is no worry about quality and contaminants like pesticides.


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