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Are Your Nails Healthy?

nail health

Nails are as important as our skin. Here are some tips to keep our nails healthy.

  • Keep nails clean
  • Avoid biting and picking nails
  • File nails in one direction
  • Avoid using acetone or formaldehyde containing nail polish remover
  • Healthy diet
  • Take good supplement containing biotin can also help to maintain healthy nails
  • Remember to moisturize your hands and nails to minimize dryness and brittleness

Biosense recommends:

Biozkin B12 plus+ cream
Deeply moisturizes and regenerates hands and nails

Biozkin Virgin Argan Body/Hair Oil
Strengthens fingernails and cuticle health

Nutrifii Optimals
Biotin rich comprehensive supplement for nail health

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